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I acquired my first large format camera in 1992 when I traded a motorcycle for an Omega 45D 4x5 view camera and a broken down Besesler condenser enlarger. A few years prior to that I had owned and operated a photography studio in my hometown and was familiar with 35mm and medium format cameras but the view camera was a whole new ballgame.

I had always admired Ansel Adams' photograps so I bought his three book series, The Camera, The Negative and The Print. I began to study the Zone System and a brand new way of photography opened up for me.

Several years later, digital imaging marched onto the scene and people ditched their film cameras. Certain kinds of film and processing paper became obsolete. Thankfully, not all of it went by the wayside.

There has been a resurgence in people wanting to photograph with film cameras. I shoot with a digital camera but I'm not as pleased with the results. No matter how good a digital camera is, it just can't match the image that a view camera can yield.

I had the pleasure of living in Utah from June 1993 to December 2016 where I got to perfect the art of using a view camera and of making black & white photographs, color photographs and color transparencies. Eventually, I began to hold "Photo Tours" where I would invite people from all across the country to come to Utah to spend a couple of days photographing with me. Out of those Photo Tours, I began to write Mastering the View Camera which is a simple to understand guide to using the view camera. I made the workbook available as a stand alone workbook and also offered it along with a two to three day, hands on photography seminar. Mastering the View Camera is available and view camera seminars are available.

Topics covered in the seminar are

• How to prepare film holders and load film
• Lens and bellows selection
• Perspective control using camera movements
• Proper use of light meters including 10° spot meters, incident, reflective and flash meters
• Adjusting exposure for close-up photography

• How to set up a tripod and view camera properly
• Proper focusing technique using a loupe
• Filter selection
• How to use the Zone System to control constrast in the negative
• Using a view camera with studio flash units
• And more!

Items required for a Mastering the View Camera serminar:

• A reliable view camera
• A sturdy tripod
• Minimum 10 sheets of Kodat T-Max 100 film
• Focusing Cloth
• One standard focal length lens for your camera (also a wide angle and telephoto lens if you have them)

• A handheld light meter (spot meter or hand held incident meter)
• Red, Yellow and Green filters to fit your lenses
• Minimum 5 film holders
• Focusing loupe
• Minimum 2 shutter release cords
• You must provide your own lodging, transportation and meals

These seminars are held in the Central Florida area with the Orlando area as the base of operations. Normally, two to three days are required to go through the seminar. The seminars are taught at a leisurely pace so that almost any photographer can be accomodated. Ansel Adams photographed many of his most famous photographs from the roadside (I know, I've been to many of those places!) You don't have to be an Olympic athlete to get through this seminar!

Seminars are limited to the four people, maximum. I do travel occasionally to put on a seminar.

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