October 14 and 15, 2019 Trip to Hartwell, Georgia

On October 14 and 15, 2019, Shannon McMullan and his wife Lori met me in Lavonia, Georgia to learn more about the McMullan Family. Shannon and I both come from John and Patrick's line and split off from there. When I made my first trip to Mississippi and Georgia back in 2003, Shannon's mother, Bonnie, had John McMullan's trunk. Shannon now has possession of the trunk. He brought it with him to Georgia, the first time it has been back since 1855!

While in Hartwell, we met with Kay Cleveland and Jim McMullan and his wife Rosalind. Jim and Kay took us to look at graves at New Prospect Baptist Church and Northview cemetery in Hartwell. Shannon, Lori and I went out to John's grave and took photos with the trunk at his grave. We also got photos of the trunk at John's grave and at Kay's house with everyone.

The following photographs were taken at the New Prospect Church cemetery and Northview cemetery in Hartwell, at John McMullan's grave and at Kay Cleveland's house.

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