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Isaiah 55:11 - So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

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Past Series

The Book of Genesis

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February 7, 2015
Genesis - Lesson One
Overview of the Book of Genesis
February 14, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Two
The Original Earth Before Adam
February 21, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Three
The Original Sin and Consequence of Sin
February 28, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Four
God and all of His Creations are Perfect
March 7, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Five

Cain, Abel and Lamech – Fallen Angels and Giants

March 21, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Six

Giants in the Land and Noah’s Flood

March 28, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Seven

God Gives Noah Instructions for an Ark

April  18, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Eight

The Source of Water for the Cataclysmic Flood

April  25, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Nine

God’s Dealings with Man and the Flood Finally Recedes

May 2, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Ten

Noah and His Family Leave the4 Ark – Curse of Canaan

May 9, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Eleven

Life After the Flood and the Tower of Babel

May 16, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Twelve
Nimrod – The Epitome of Evil and Abram – The Father of Our Faith
May 30, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Thirteen
Abram’s Obedience, his Sojourns and the Promise
June 6, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Fourteen

Abram and Lot Split – Lot taken Captive- War

June 13, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Fifteen

Abram Promised Once Again – God Makes a Covenant with Abram – Abram and Sarai’s names changed to Abraham and Sarah

June 20, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Sixteen

God and Two Angels Visit With Abraham – Lot and His Family Delivered from Sodom and Gomorrah Before They are Destroyed

June 27, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Seventeen

Lot and His Daughters Flee to a Cave – Noah and Lot are Types and Shadows of the Rapture – Lot’s Daughters Get Pregnant – The Son of Promise is Born – Ishmael and Hagar Sent Away

July 4, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Eighteen

Abraham is Instructed to Sacrifice the Son of Promise – God provides a ram for the sacrifice – Sarah dies – Looking for a wife for Isaac

July 25, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Nineteen

Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for Isaac – God leads Eliezer to Rebekah – Rebekah returns with Eliezer – Isaac and Rebekah are married – Sarah and Abraham die

August 15, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Twenty

Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for Isaac – Isaac and Rebekah are married – Sarah and Abraham die

August 29, 2015
Genesis - Lesson TwentyOne

Abraham remarries and has six more children – Abraham dies – Ishmael dies – God makes Isaac very wealthy – Prosperity Gospel

Sept 5, 2015
Genesis - Lesson TwentyTwo

Rebekah and Jacob deceive Isaac – God’s blessings bestowed upon Jacob - Isaac leaves for fear of his life – Scriptures about Prosperity – Jacob’s dream

Sept 19, 2015
Genesis - Lesson TwentyThree

Jacob leaves and goes to Uncle Laban’s – Jacob makes a deal with Laban to marry Rachel but gets Leah instead. Jacob makes another deal of seven years for Rachel

Sept 26, 2015
Genesis - Lesson TwentyFour

Dinah raped by Shechem.- Shechem wants to marry Dinah – Requests are made for approval of the marriage – Simeon and Levi deceive the men of Shechem and murder them.

Oct 3, 2015
Genesis - Lesson TwentyFive

God calls Jacob back to Bethel – Jacob commands his family and servants to give up their idols

Oct 17, 2015
Genesis - Lesson TwentySix

Jacob moves back to the Promised Land. His name is changed to Israel. Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin. God’s nature. Jesus lived a life without sin as a man, not as God. True believers in Christ will perform the same miracles Jesus performed but more of them. Isaac dies at the age of 180 years.

Oct 31, 2015
Genesis - Lesson TwentySeven

Joseph is sold into slavery and is taken to Egypt. His brothers deceive Israel by dipping Joseph’s coat in goat blood and presenting it to his father. Judah’s two oldest sons are killed by God. Judah sleeps with his daughter-in-law who has twins.

Nov 7, 2015
Genesis - Lesson TwentyEight

Joseph is bought by Potiphar – He blesses Potiphar’s house – Joseph accused of rape and thrown in prison – He interprets dreams and is made leader of Egypt – Joseph saved Egypt and surrounding countries from famine.

Nov 14, 2015
Genesis - Lesson TwentyNine

Joseph’s brothers leave Simeon with Jacob and return to Canaan with grain. The brothers made a second trip to Egypt to buy grain and took Benjamin. Joseph reveals himself to his brothers. Food and carts are sent to Canaan to bring Jacob and all the tribe back to Goshen. God’s people live in favor among Pharaoh and are provided for during the rest of the famine.

Nov 21, 2015
Genesis - Lesson Thirty

Overview of Genesis - Joseph’s family is in Egypt – Jacob prophesies over his sons – Jacob dies and is buried with Leah and his ancestors – Joseph dies


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