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To design safe, comfortable, high performance aircraft that are affordable to build, fly and maintain.

The Porcupine follows in the tradition of STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) aircraft like the Piper Super Cub. Built from 4130 Chromoly steel tubing and a fabric covered wood wing. Pilot and passenger fly side by side. Imagine the fun of landing on sand bars in a river or taking all of your camping gear and flying to the mountains for a week!


Construction Materials and Information

Steel tube fuselage with clothe covered wood wing

Spring aluminum main gear drilled for brake lines

Uses engines in the 100 to 180hp range

Long range fuel tanks in the wings for extended range cruising

Castoring tail wheel


Wingspan 31 ft 4inches Fuselage Length 22 ft 3 3/4 inches
Wing Area 150 ft2 Fuselage Height 9 ft 9/16 inches
Aspect Ratio 6.54 Fuselage Width 50 in
Wing Loading 10 lbs/ft2 Empty Weight 850 lbs
Fuel Capacity 50 Gallons US Gross Weight 1500 lbs

Calculated Performance Specifications


Max Speed @ 5500 ft msl --- mph Cruise Speed @ 5500 ft msl --- mph
Stall w/Flaps --- mph Rate of Climb Sea Level ------ fpm

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