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These are frequently asked questions and misconceptions about the flat earth.


Question or Misconception - I’ve seen photos of the earth and they show that it is a globe.

Answer- Almost every photo you see of earth is a “composite” photo. Photographs of the earth are taken from high flying aircraft like the U2 and from balloons. The earth is photographed in strips and then “stitched” together. Photographers do this all the time and so does NASA. NASA even admits that the photos of earth are “Photoshopped.” Google Earth is a collection of hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs which are stitched together to make a composite image of the earth. In order for a camera to be able to take a photograph of the entire earth, if it was a globe, would require the camera to be thousands of miles from earth.

Photos and video that are supposed to be taken of the earth from the International Space Station ALWAYS use "fisheye" lenses which make the horizon of the earth APPEAR to be curved. Usually there are other objects in the same frame, such as solar panels, which will also show distortion because of the fisheye lens. You will also see photos or video taken from high altitude balloons that also use fisheye lenses that make the horizon APPEAR to be curved. The horizon is always flat, even to altitudes well over 100,000 feet above ground level (agl).

There is video that may prove that the first mission to the moon never got out of low earth orbit and supposed photos of the earth were faked.

Question or Misconception - Just look at video and photos taken from balloons that have gone high up in the atmosphere, they show a curved earth.

Answer – Any photos taken from aircraft or high altitude balloons, when the video or photograph from that aircraft or balloon shows a curved horizon, it is because they are using a fisheye lens on their camera! A fisheye lens makes the top and bottom of a photograph appear to be curved.

Anytime a camera is used with a “normal” lens on a high altitude balloon, it will always show a flat horizon!


Question or Misconception - I can prove with a little simple geometry that the sky is not flat.

Answer - That's right! The Flat Earth theory does not believe the sky is flat, only the earth. The earth is covered by a very large "firmament dome." The Bible tells us that the stars and planets we see are just lights in the sky. The sun and the moon are much smaller and not nearly as far away as we have been told. See the Flat Earth illustration.


Question or Misconception - If the earth is flat, how can someone start sailing east or west and eventually come back to the place they started?

Answer - It is very simple. The earth is round and flat like a plate. East and west run around the plate in circles. The earth has been circumnavigated many times from east to west. The earth has never been circumnavigated from north to south or south to north because it can't be. Look at the illustration of how the equator and the tropics circle the earth.


Question or Misconception - My television cable comes from a satellite and my GPS uses satellite. How can flat earthers say there are no satellites?

Answer - Most GPS (global positioning system) use land based antennas. Also, under ocean cables carry most communications overseas. There is no proof that there are satellites in space. We are told that satellites for things like tv are in geosynchronous.orbit (" inclined 0° to Earth's equatorial plane that is, directly above the Equator"). This means they are stationed in earth so they stay in one place and orbit with the earth's rotation. The height above the center of the earth for a satellite in a circular geosynchronous orbit would be 26,199 miles!

The globe earth theory teaches that on the equater, the earth is spinning approximately 1,000 miles per hour. A full rotation of the earth around its axis takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. If this is the case, a satellite that is gesynchronous will be traveling at approximately 28,600 miles per hour to keep up with the rotation of the earth!

Most satellites are purported to be in a lower orbit than geosynchronous satellites. They would have to travel faster than the earth's 1,000 mile per hour spin to stay in orbit. They will also have to be repositioned occasionally because they will continually, with each orbit of the earth, lost altitude. If they are not repositoned, they will eventually be pulled into earth's atmosphere and burn up on reentry.

Now, let's look at the truth about satellites. There is absolutely no proof that there are satellites in space orbiting the earth. In fact, so much "space junk" is reported to be in space, there would be no way satellites or the ISS could stay in orbit without eventually colliding with some of that debris!

Since the 1950's the United States Military and NASA have launched satellites into orbit by the use of balloons. These balloons are not in outer space but rather inside the stratosphere. Google is planning on sending up to 300 balloons with satellites attached to give Internet access around the world. Google did not create this technology. The U.S. government has been doing this for over sixty years. The Google Loon project will be able to move their satellites to different locations by changing the altitude of the balloons and the different wind direction at those altitudes. They will even be able to "park" their satellites by themselves or in groups, in stationary locations.

The video below shows how Google will be able to manipulate the location of their balloon based satellites.

Project Loon - Improving Navigation (No Sound)

While balloon satellites are one way that the world uses satellites, there is another way that communications are made WITHOUT THE USE OF SPACE BASED SATELLITES is by TROPOSPHERIC SCATTER! This is where microwaves and radio waves are bounced off the troposphere.

"The tropospheric scatter phenomenon has been used to build both civilian and military communication links in a number of parts of the world."



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