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Youtube and search engines have changed the algorithms in their search engines to make it very hard to find pro flat earth videos. They are still out there but just very difficult to find so I have listed the links to many good ones here.

These Youtube pages will keep you busy for a long time. You will find that many of the Flat Earth believers are extremely intelligent!

ISITREALLYFLAT.COM - Lots of good information on the flat earth.


Founded Earth Brothers - YouTube - Two brothers, one a science teacher, have made some great videos showing that the earth is flat.


Confound the Wise Youtube Channel - I don't know who this guy is but he has some very well thought out videos about Flat Earth!


The Flat Earth Wiki - Sponsored by The Flat Earth Society.


The Flat Earth Society - This is the one you hear people talk about! They have a lot of good information on their site.

The Flat Earth Society's Website


Eric Dubay - Eric is one of the leading researchers on the Flat Earth. He has a couple of different websites.

Eric Dubay's Website
Eric Dubay's YouTube Channel - Eric has a lot of very good videos concerning the Flat Earth.
The Atlantean Conspiracy - Another good website by Eric Dubay. Information on the Flat Earth.


Robert Bassano - Robert has some amazing information on his YouTube channel. He is very intelligent and looks into things that will blow you away! Caution: Language Warning!

Robert Bassano's YouTube Channel

Another Youtube Channel from Robert Bassano


Richie from Boston - Richie is a researcher, much like Robert Bassano. He covers the Flat Earth and other topics.

Richie from Boston's YouTube Channel


Jeran Campanella - Jeran is one of the most highly regarded holders of the Flat Earth theory.

Jeran's YouTube Channel


Rob Skiba - I have only heard one video (at this time) by Rob. He is knowledgable and is a great speaker. Rob gives talks about the Flat Earth and the dome (vaulted ceiling) over the earth.

Rob Skiba's YouTube Channel


ODD Reality - A collection of videos concerning the Flat Earth.

ODD Reality's YouTube Channel

GlobeBusters Youtube Channel

Mr. Thrive and Survive Youtube Channel

Geoshifter Youtube Channel

JTolan Media 1 Youtube Channel

Flat Earth Dave Interviews

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